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Introducing Content Hub: The Future of Content Marketing Begins Now

In the digital age of today, content is not just king – it's King-Kong. As the content marketing landscape undergoes dramatic changes, marketers are challenged to engage consumers throughout their entire customer journey with personal and compelling content. From this need emerges our proud new offering from HubSpot: The Content Hub.

- Anna Maria Stranieri


What is Content Hub?

Content Hub is an AI-powered content marketing software that helps you create and manage content to enrich the entire customer journey. With Content Hub, you can create personalized content experiences that enhance engagement across the customer journey and manage your content assets in an efficient and centralized manner.


The Challenges of Modern Content Marketers

Content creation requirements are escalating faster than ever. Marketers are tasked with:

  • Producing larger amounts of content,
  • Distributing it across diverse channels,
  • Personalizing it at every step of the customer journey,
  • All while resources remain limited.

Cutting through the noise, managing content and teams, and optimizing existing content can often feel like a Sisyphean task.


The Solution: A Single Tool for All Content Marketing Needs

Content Hub is the solution to these challenges. By providing tools that support personalization and scaling of content marketing, Content Hub significantly simplifies your workload. AI tools within Content Hub enhance ROI by enabling seamless content reuse. Spend less time on administration and more on creative work – all in one place.


Key Innovations in Content Hub Compared to the "Old" CMS Hub


Advanced Content Remixing

Given the high production costs for content, marketers need to repurpose and reuse existing materials. Despite advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), human input remains essential to ensure high quality.

The Content Remix tool in Content Hub represents a significant advancement in this area. It allows marketers to efficiently transform existing content into new formats. The AI analyzes the core message of the content and the level of audience engagement. Based on this analysis, it proposes various formats and platforms where the content will have the greatest impact. This approach maximizes the reach and efficiency of marketing efforts.


Podcasts and Multimedia Content

By facilitating the creation of podcasts and other multimedia content, Content Hub addresses the evolving consumption habits of modern audiences.


Future-Proof Content Management

Content Hub leverages AI technology to enhance current content capabilities and prepare businesses for future developments. Through predictive analytics, AI can forecast future content trends and consumer needs. This provides companies with a clear competitive edge by enabling them to proactively adjust their strategies.


Value Proposition for Each Edition

To meet diverse needs, Content Hub offers various editions:

  • Content Hub Starter is ideal for those looking to expand their business through content creation, with a focus on traffic generation and lead conversion.
  • Content Hub Professional provides solutions for easier content creation, improving updating and consistency to foster high-quality content across various programs.
  • Content Hub Enterprise suits organizations with complex needs: multiple brands, regions, portals, and microsites, focusing on content and file governance on a large scale.

The Benefits of Content Hub

  • Boost Revenue: Create tailor-made content experiences that accompany consumers throughout their entire customer journey.
  • Higher ROI: Benefit from AI tools that help you effortlessly scale your content and adapt it across channels.
  • Time Savings and Team Efficiency: Streamline content management and operations by combining all tools into a single software solution.

    Content Hub is more than just software. It's a central pivot for intelligent content marketing, tailored to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the landscape. Take the first step into a future where content doesn't just inform, but transforms. Welcome to the age of Content Hub - where your content drives the entire customer journey.


Frequently Asked Questions About the New Content Hub

What does the introduction of Content Hub mean for existing CMS Hub customers?

For existing CMS Hub customers, there's no change required. They can continue using their CMS Hub subscription as before. However, they will not automatically receive the new Content Hub features. If they want to use the new Content Hub features, they must upgrade.

Why is it being relaunched as Content Hub? HubSpot was founded on the principles of inbound and content marketing, which previously operated on a "more is more" basis: significant content had to be created, mostly for one's blog, to be found online and generate leads. However, times have changed. Today, lead generation requires a sophisticated, omnichannel approach that covers the entire customer journey, and content marketing plays a role in various formats. Content Hub provides marketers with an all-in-one solution that helps them meet current and future content marketing requirements.
Why are blogs and landing pages moved from Marketing Hub to Content Hub?

Content Hub is the all-in-one solution for creating and managing content along the buyer's journey. Blogs and landing pages are crucial content formats, hence their integration into Content Hub. The Marketing Hub focuses on lead generation and marketing automation. With the introduction of the Marketing+ Bundle, customers can purchase Marketing Hub and Content Hub at a discounted rate if they seek a solution that combines content marketing's power with top-notch lead generation and automation tools.

What happens to existing Marketing Hub customers? Do they keep their blogs and landing pages?

Yes, existing Marketing Hub customers will retain their blogs and landing pages.

What happens to existing CMS Hub customers? Will they receive new features?

Existing CMS Hub customers will maintain access to all their current features. Additionally, they will be provided with new features such as the Gated Content Library, Gated Blogs, a basic Blog Post Generator, AI Website Builder, AI Image Generation, and Blog Post Narration. However, they will not have access to functions like Content Remix, Brand Voice, Podcasts, Content Embeds, AI Content Translation, and Custom Blog Post Generator. This provides an incentive for customers to switch to Content Hub while allowing existing CMS Hub customers to stay with their current product.

Content Hub and Marketing Hub – How do they differ?

Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software that assists marketers in content creation and management. Marketing Hub is an all-in-one marketing automation software that helps marketers generate leads and automate marketing actions to drive growth.

Can I use Content Hub with my existing WordPress website?

Yes, Content Hub can complement your existing CMS website through subdomains or integrations. You can use Content Hub to:

  1. Easily create, manage, and extend landing pages, blogs, podcasts, and microsites, without needing a developer.
  2. Utilize AI-driven content creation tools like Content Remix to produce content for use on your existing website or in your marketing tools.
  3. Personalize your existing website's experience by adding Content Embeds supported by Smart Content and CRM data.
Can I build a microsite or a custom portal on Content Hub?

Yes, customers can use Content Hub to create, manage, and expand microsites and custom portals where their CRM data and marketing automation are located. Use Content Hub Starter's Website Builder to create a dedicated microsite for events, campaigns, industry-specific podcasts, partner programs, and more. If you need multiple microsites, Content Hub Enterprise includes 10 microsites as standard, with the option to purchase up to 250 microsites for an additional $100/month per root domain. With Content Hub Professional's membership feature, you can create custom portals for customers, member sites, distributors, partner programs, and more, either on your own or working with a developer for more complex custom portals with CRM data, personalized dashboards, web apps, etc. Microsites and custom portals can be hosted on their own root domain or on a subdomain of your main corporate website (e.g.,

Are there any other changes in feature distribution between Hubs and license tiers? Yes. There are some minor changes to the features being moved across different Hubs/tiers. Adaptive Testing will be moved to Content Hub Professional, along with Memberships (with one access group). Content Hub Starter will have a limitation of 30 pages in total between landing pages and websites. For a complete list of features by tier, you can view it here.
🔍 Ready to transform your SEO and content marketing? Contact us for a demo of Content Hub now and take the first step towards future-proof, compelling content!



Anna Maria Stranieri

Anna Maria Stranieri, MA, leads the digital department at WPWA. With over 25 years of experience in digital marketing, web development, marketing automation, and digital campaigns, she has shaped and guided the B2B and B2C sales and marketing strategies of numerous companies and brands. She particularly focuses on the area of Operations (RevOps), where she assists companies in optimizing their sales and marketing processes and increasing revenues. With her extensive expertise, strategic thinking, and ability to develop innovative solutions, Anna Maria Stranieri drives the digital transformation of companies.

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